Enhance efficiency and reduce liability with Digital Signature

Printing and storing paper documents is a thing of the past.

DoorSwap offers a digital signature feature to help streamline your documentation process. Rather than managing cumbersome paper documentation systems, you can manage all of your documents digitally within DoorSwap. Digital signatures can be used for any documents that you need your tenants to sign, such as a rental agreement or an autopay authorization form.

This feature can help increase your organization and efficiency. Rather than having to physically print a rental agreement while a tenant waits, the tenant can review and sign the document on their mobile device or at the point of sale. Once the tenant signs and submits the document, the system automatically attaches it to the tenant’s account, so you can reference it there as needed.

Paper documents can easily be lost or damaged, but our digital signature feature protects your documents and ensures that they are stored securely for as long as you need them. Even after a tenant vacates a unit, the digital documents are saved on the account, so you can access them at any time. This feature is an invaluable resource to ensure that you have the proper documentation on file at all times.